Where to find a Justice of the Peace?

Justice of the Peace
Justices of the Peace (or JP) are volunteers who are appointed for a five year term. In NSW, Justices of the Peace perform a number of important functions, including:
  1. witnessing the signing of statutory declarations
  2. witnessing the signing of an affidavit
  3. certifying documents
  4. certifying a person's identity

When using a JP service it is important to remember:

  1. JPs are volunteers whose availability is dependent upon their other commitments.
  2. If you need the services of a JP, appointments are essential.
  3. It is illegal for a JP to charge a fee or accept a gift in exchange for providing JP services.
  4. When certifying a document a JP must have both an original and a copy of the document in front of them, so please insure you provide both.
  5. JP cannot and do not provide legal advice.
  6. Only people that are named in the documents that need be certified can seek certification from a JP.

Eastgardens Library - No JP at Eastgardens presently as library is closed for refurbishment.

Mascot Library has a weekly JP service on Thursdays between 10:30am-12:30pm.

Justice also has a portal where you can search for a JP by postcode.