General Waste

General Household Waste is collected weekly from the dark green 240L wheelie bin with the red lid. Please ensure that your bin lid is closed completely with nothing protruding from the top, ready for collection.

What goes in your red bin  What goes in your Red Bin?

General waste is anything that is neither a liquid nor a hazardous type of waste. Typically, this includes things such as:

  • packaging e.g. plastic wrapping, plastic bags, meat trays
  • food waste
  • nappies, tissues & paper towels
  • ceramics, light globes, window glass & mirrors
  • polystyrene & foam
  • fabrics and shoes
  • other general household items that cannot be recycled

Does not go into bin symbol  What does not go in the Red Bin?

  • batteries & electronics
  • metals
  • rocks & soil
  • building materials
  • gas bottles & fire extinguishers
  • hazardous waste & chemicals
  • oil & paint
  • syringes & medical waste
  • recyclable materials
General Waste bin poster

Download this poster to use as a reference within your home, school, unit complex or other.

How to minimise rubbish and reduce landfill

In most households, if you are recycling (and re-using) properly, your red bin should contain much less waste than your recycling bin, and should not contain hazardous materials or recyclable materials such as electronic waste.

There are many great ways to maximise your recycling and re-use to minimise waste to landfill. If you have a particular item which you are uncertain about, visit the A-Z Recycling Guide.