Bin Information

Single Unit Dwellings

For single unit dwellings, your Domestic Waste Charge (DWC) entitles you to one waste, one recycling and one greenwaste bin, as well as a clean-up service and specialised services such as electronic waste drop-off events.

If you are in a new property and bins have not been issued to your property, or if you already have a waste bin and you require a second waste bin, you may apply using the Single Unit/Dwelling Domestic Waste Bin Service Form. You will be charged the Domestic Waste Charge (DWC) for each waste bin you acquire. Tenants will need to get the Property Owner to complete the form, as the DWC is paid by the owner of the property.

If you require an additional recycling or greenwaste bin, these can be acquired free of charge (a limit of two greenwaste and two recycling bins applies per property) using the Single Unit/Dwelling Additional Recycling/Greenwaste Bin Form.

Multi-Unit Dwellings

Residents living in townhouses and units have the option of ordering mobile garbage bins for their complex. Bin requests can be made using the Multi-Unit Dwelling Bin Request Form. Developments with 10 or more units should discuss arrangements with the building manager or strata representative before ordering bins as there may be logistical issues which need to be taken into account.

For multi-unit dwellings, Council recommends one 240L waste bin and one 240L recycling bin for every two or three units and one 240L green waste bin for every five or six units depending on the private garden space on site. Requests for additional waste bins may be rejected if there is insufficient recycling capacity onsite or if the number of bins per property exceeds the allocated ratios.

Damaged Bins

Council can arrange for your bin to be repaired or replaced. Contact Council's Customer Services on (02) 9366 3666 with the following information:

  • The part of the bin that is damaged
  • Is the bin cracked?
  • Is the bin lid missing or broken?
  • Is the bin wheel missing or broken?
  • What type of bin requires repair or replacement?
  • What size is the bin?
  • Where you can place the bin so it can be repaired?
  • Any other information

If your bin is too damaged to repair, a replacement bin may be necessary. Final determination on whether the bin needs repair or replacement will be made by Council staff.

Stolen Bins

Your stolen bin will be replaced free of charge on the first incident. Charges apply thereafter.

Changing your bin size

Changes to bin sizes are reserved for residents that have difficulty manoeuvring the larger 240L bin. A 120L bin is offered as an alternative. If you would like to reduce the size of your garbage or recycling bin please email or phone Council on (02) 9366 3666 with your details.