Kerbside Clean Up

Broken Couch
Council provides houses and small unit blocks with two scheduled and two pre-booked clean-up services per year. Large unit complexes have four scheduled services per year.

The purpose of this service is to dispose of items that are broken or irreparable, and items for which there are no other recycling options. For reusable items please see the section below on how to minimise rubbish and reduce landfill. For metals, e-waste or other recyclable items, please visit the A-Z Recycling Guide.

To find out the date of your next scheduled household collection, click on the box in the top right hand corner of the map and enter your address in the search field. Zoom in and click on the pin associated with your address to view your clean-up and waste/recycling days.

To pre-book a service, please call Council Customer Service on 9366 3666. You will be advised of the soonest available collection date (please give at least three weeks notice). Council commences scheduled collections on a Monday. Place your rubbish on the kerbside the day before your scheduled pick up day. If you place your rubbish out before this date, it will be treated as illegal dumping and you may be fined.


  • Maximum of 3 cubic metres accepted (1m x 1m x 3m)
  • Commercial waste is not accepted
  • All items must be easy to lift by two people
  • Excess rubbish or rubbish that does not comply will be your responsibility to remove. A notice giving reason for refusal to remove items will be placed in your letterbox.

Excess waste can be taken to Port Botany Transfer Station or Rockdale Resource Recovery Centre.

What is accepted in the Kerbside Clean Up Service?

  • Damaged/broken furniture,
  • Damaged soft furnishings/blinds,
  • Broken toys
  • Mattresses (scheduled collection only)

What is not accepted in the Kerbside Clean Up Service?

  • Household recyclables
  • Food and garden waste
  • Electrical items and metals
  • Asbestos, hazardous waste, car parts
  • Paint, gas cylinders and building materials

How to minimise rubbish and reduce landfill

Council provides support in the form of an annual subscription to The Bower to provide a free collection service for local residents’ reusable items.

If your item is in any kind of reusable condition, you may find a large audience of people willing to take it off your hands if you list it for free on a website such as Gumtree.

The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre Co-operative also collects and, through its members, repairs pre-loved household goods then resells them to the local community, diverting 'waste' from the Sydney metropolitan waste stream. The Bower has recently opened a Repair Café. You can bring broken household items to get advice from experts and repair it instead of buying new. Open Wednesday afternoons, 1:00-5:00pm.

Several charities includingsuch as St Vincent De Paul and Salvation Army offer a collection service for items that have resale value.