Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is an environmental, economic and social problem because it:
  • pollutes our waterways through the stormwater system
  • is a waste of resources because dumped items can often be recycled or reused
  • can be dangerous, for example discarded needles and syringes
  • attracts vermin such as rats and cockroaches
  • looks unsightly and blocks access for pedestrians, bikes and vehicles
  • is a financial burden to the City and ratepayers.

Report illegal dumping

If you spot illegally dumped goods, report it to us.

Free clean-up collections

There is no need to dump unwanted items and materials. The City offers residents a free kerbside clean up service and green waste service.

Remember, many electronic appliances, goods and equipment can be taken to our regular e-waste drop off days.

Help avoid waste by donating your unwanted items to charity, selling or giving them away before you arrange a collection.

What is illegal dumping?

  • Items placed at kerbside when there is no scheduled service and when no pre-booked service arrangements have been made.
  • Items placed at kerbside earlier than the Sunday before the scheduled clean up collection week.
  • Items placed at kerbside earlier than the evening before a pre-booked collection date arrangement.
  • Items that are on the kerbside clean up unacceptable items list
  • Any material that exceeds the 3m3 per household limit for collection.

If items do not comply with the collection service, they are the owner’s responsibility to remove. If they are not removed promptly, a $2,000 fine may be applied plus the cost for removing and disposing of the waste.

Surveillance cameras have been installed across the Local Government Area. These cameras are designed for both day and night use. “No Dumping” signs have been installed across the area to deter illegal dumpers and Council’s Waste Enforcement Officer regularly patrols the streets.