Street & Park Lighting

The Botany Bay City Council manages lighting along our streets and in our parks. 

Lights keep our streets safe and mean that we can use our parks and sporting facilities for longer in both summer and winter. We design our lighting to adhere to the Australian Standard AS 1158. Lighting design also aims to reduce light pollution to keep our skies dark and preserve the visibility of the stars in our night sky.     

Light Pollution

Light pollution is stray light emitted from poorly designed and aimed lighting installations for advertising, business, security and street lighting. While some light is unavoidably reflected upward from illuminated surfaces, much of it spills outside the area that it is meant to illuminate creating glare, light-trespass and skyglow. This stray light and the energy generated to produce it is wasted. It unnecessarily contributes to greenhouse emissions and wastes money. This wasted light does not necessarily contribute to safety nor enhance amenity. 


Glare from streetlights, car-yard and security lights can shine directly into the eyes creating discomfort. This can make it difficult for the eye to adjust effectively to changing levels of illumination thereby compromising night vision.

Light Trespass

Uncontrolled light that spills outside the area that it is designed to illuminate and onto neighbouring properties. This often creates a nuisance, detracts from amenity and wastes energy and money.


Light that escapes upward from unshielded light fixtures or lights. This light is completely wasted, scattering in the atmosphere to create skyglow and detracting from the beauty of the starry sky at night. In particular, growing skyglow is compromising the effectiveness of many of the world's great astronomical observatories that provide for us a window to the universe. In fact, many constellations as seen from urban areas are disappearing due to escalating light pollution.

Lighting Enquiries

Please contact the Botany Bay City Council if you have any enquiries regarding the level of lighting in your area.

Reporting a Fault

Street Lighting: Contact Ausgrid online or call them on 1800 044 808.

Park Lighting: Report it online or call us on 02 9366 366.