The City of Botany Bay is becoming a safer place to drive. Data from Roads and Maritime Services shows that the number of vehicle accidents in the City has been decreasing since 2010.

We work closely with state authorities to continue reducing road accidents but there is also a lot you can do to keep our roads safe. Drivers and cyclists should: 

  • adopt low risk driving techniques
  • keep an eye out for our different road users including pedestrians
  • be extra cautious around driveways
  • take care around school zones during pick up and drop off times

Council Responsibilities

As the Roads Authority on the local and regional roads in the City of Botany Bay, Council provides a broad range of services: 

  • road works and maintenance   
  • kerb and gutter construction and maintenance
  • street drainage and Flood Management
  • street Lighting
  • signage and line marking
  • traffic management and road safety
  • parking 
  • approval of works on any part of the road, including the construction of driveways
  • managing road and footpath excavations by contractors
  • street cleaning and sweeping   

NSW Roads & Maritime Services manages and maintains the State Roads in the City of Botany Bay while the Council manages and maintains all other roads in the City. In Botany Bay, we have 133 km of road.

  • 29 kilometres of State Roads
  • 7 kilometres of Regional Roads
  • 97 kilometres of Local Roads

Report It

You can help us by reporting damage maintenance requirements to the Customer Service Centre on 02 9366 3666 or logging a job online. Please provide as much detail as possible about the extent and location the issue. Helpful information that you can provide includes:

  • nature of the issue
  • road name
  • distance from nearest intersection
  • lot number or house number of the property it is near.