Rates & Charges Certificates

Rates & Charges Certificates are often referred to as ‘Section 603 Certificates’ and are issued in accordance with s603 of NSW Local Government Act 1993.  

They provide interested parties with details of amounts due or for rates, charges or otherwise against a particular parcel of land. They include details about any postponed rates and any costs owed to Council for work carried out by Council on the land.

Applications for these certificates are commonly requested by solicitors, real estate agents and others involved or interested in acquiring or disposing of a property. Once an application and fee has been received they are usually processed within 5 working days. Certificates can be provided within 24hrs of an application and payment for an additional urgency fee. 

A separate application must be lodged for each parcel of land, as identified by its unique Lot and Deposited Plan (DP) or Strata Plan (SP) numbers. Applications will only be accepted with payment or payment authorisation of one or more of the following GST exempt fees:

  • New application – per certificate $75.00
  • Urgency fee for supply within one business day – per certificate $80.00
  • Copy of previously issued certificate $25.00

If you are interested in obtaining a Rates & Charges Certificate you might also consider whether you need to apply for an Outstanding Orders & Notices Certificate issued under s121ZP of the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and s735A of the NSW Local Government Act 1993.

Where the land title for the property you are checking reflects an interest in a public positive covenant or easement attributed to Council, you might also need to obtain a Council Interest in Covenant Certificate issued under section 88G of the NSW Conveyancing Act 1919. If you want more information please contact Council Customer Service on 9366 3666 or email us.