Register Your Pet

Pets bring great pleasure to many of our residents and are good for our collective wellbeing. 

Registering your pet is compulsory and it is a two-step process:

  1. Dogs and cats must be micro-chipped from the time the animal is 12 weeks old and must not be sold unless they have been micro-chipped (even if the animal is less than 12 weeks old when it is sold).
  2. Dogs and cats must be registered from the time the animal is 6 months old. Registration is a one-off process that applies for the lifetime of the animal.

Completing those simple steps helps us quickly return your animal to you, if it is lost, injured or stolen. We also encourage you to get your pet desexed. It is a simple procedure that helps pets to live longer and healthier lives, and makes them less prone to wander and fight. 

Fees and charges are set by the NSW Government. 

Owners of cats and dogs are required to notify the Botany Bay City Council when:

  • any change occurs in the registration information or identification information for the animal (notification required within 14 days)
  • the making or revocation of a declaration by a court that a dog is dangerous or menacing (notification required within 7 days)
  • the animal dies (notification required within 28 days)
  • the animal has been missing for more than 72 hours (notification required within 96 hours)
  • the animal has been found after having been reported missing (notification required within 72 hours)