Sir Joseph Banks Park

Sir Joseph Banks Park

Sir Joseph Banks Park is a popular park and nature reserve on the Botany foreshore. As well as honouring their namesake, Sir Joseph Banks, the park also acknowledges the role Botany Bay played as a resort, zoo and playground for the Sydney Colony prior to Federation The park is 28 hectares in size and has been a key drawcard for our CIty since it was opened in its present form in 1985. The park is divided into two main sections: 

  • The Sir Joseph Bank Park Pleasure Gardens with grasslands, dog park and recreational facilities
  • The Foreshore Reserve, which includes six hectares of native vegetation growing on the original sand dunes, and the remainder established as native bushland planted on reclaimed land

The Botany Bay City Council has identified Sir Joseph Banks Park as a significant regional facility, serving large areas of the City, as well as communities outside the Local Government Area. The Park was constructed between 1979 and 1982 by the then Maritime Services Board (now Roads and Maritime NSW) as part of the construction of the port facility on Botany Bay.  Permanent ponds have also been created in the Park in the swales created behind the main foredune. These waterbodies provide valuable habitat for native birds and other wildlife.

The park can be accessed by car from Fremlin Street and Tupia Street. There is also pedestrian access from Waratah Road, Tupia Street, Fremlin Street, Livingstone Avenue, Hayden Place, The Esplanade, Hale Street and Foreshore Road.

The best entrance to access the Pleasure Gardens is Warratah Road. Parking is available via Tupia Street and Fremlin Street.

There is also an enclosed off-leash dog park at Hayden Place Reserve within Sir Joseph Banks Park. 

The park adjoins the Botany Golf Course and the combined area is the largest public open space within the City of Botany Bay.


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