History of Mascot Memorial Park

Mascot Memorial Park was acquired in 1920 from the estate of the late William Parker for £3000. The park was the site of the first North Botany council meeting in 1888 in the cottage belonging to William Parker.

Improvements to the park, which involved the setting out of memorial gardens and tree planting, was carried out by a large contingent of volunteer labour at an additional cost to Council of £2000. Many of the original plantings include the grand Cottonwood quadrangle, Willows, Canary Island Date Palms and other palms, Bamboo and display beds of annual plants of the era which included, of course, Roses.

The foundation stone for the World War I memorial on the corner of Botany Road and Coward Street was laid by Alderman T H Hicks on his election as Mayor of Mascot in 1920. An additional plaque was added in 1967 to commemorate the memory of the fallen of World War II and all subsequent wars.

In 1995 the memorial was restored and upgraded by Council for the anniversary of the end of World War II. Work included extensive restoration of the pre-1920 lights by Mascot Steel, high pressure cleaning and re-gilding of inscriptions. Sawn sandstone armed forces pads replaced the old concrete ones as well as a decorative sandstone rail either side of the stairs leading up to the memorial onto a new sandstone landing. Two `Remembrance Walls' either side of the memorial commemorating the Pacific and European campaigns of World War II were designed and constructed out of 2 types of Australian granite. An open circular pathway of ground granite complements the colours of the stonework in the memorial and is bordered with Rosemary hedges and white Anzac carpet roses.

In 1994 Council made a commitment to upgrade the park in various stages to return it to its former state as one of Botany's showpiece parks and premier formal gardens and to restore the original grandeur and splendour of the park as well as making it a place to relax and enjoy. Stage 1, which included restoration of the memorial, comprised rejuvenation of the feature display beds on the Coward Street frontage based on a conceptual masterplan prepared by Council's Landscape Architect. There are 3 spiral shaped display beds planted out with annual and perennial flowering bedding plants with manicured lawns in between, each spiral a different colour theme. Stage 1 was completed in mid-1995. Later stages include rejuvenation of the Botany Road flower beds, decorative walkways and planting throughout the park, sculptures and fountains, a gazebo and new furniture.

Included in the park are 2 tennis courts and a colourful playground which replaced outdated equipment in 1994. The park is well used for large cultural and commemorative functions, such as Anzac Day celebrations and Carols by Candlelight, as well as for wedding ceremonies, picnics and lunch for office workers. Mascot Senior Citizens and Family Day Care are also located within the park.