Kids on bikes
The Botany Bay City Council is currently preparing a Bike Plan for the City. The Plan will guide the future delivery of cycling infrastructure, projects and programs and help to provide an accessible, safe and connected cycle network for all community members to use and enjoy.  

The Bike Plan will be designed for residents and visitors of all ages and cycling abilities and will connect to the surrounding Council’s bike paths to  form safe connections to neighbouring areas. 

Bike Parking Request

If you know of a place that would benefit from bike parking, simply call or email to tell us

  • where you think it should be located
  • why that is a good location (i.e. close to cafes, workplaces or shops)
  • what type of parking might be best (i.e. outdoor parking rails, O-rings mounted to a signpost)

We will review all sites recommended and, where possible, install new parking in the areas with the highest demand.

Please note that the Botany Bay City Council does not install bicycle parking on private property, including unit blocks and office complexes.

The Benefits of Cycling

Riding a bike for short trips is often quicker than driving at peak times. By riding to work, you can reduce your environmental impact, improve your health and avoid sitting in traffic. In Sydney over 50% of trips are less than 5 km. These can be easily ridden by bicycle.

Cycling Safely

When riding a bicycle, you should:

  • correctly wear an approved helmet with straps fitting snug under the chin
  • obey all the road rules
  • ride on the left hand side of the road unless otherwise signposted, like all traffic
  • only ride on a footpath if aged under 12 years (or an adult accompanying a rider under 12 years)
  • use a bicycle lane if one is marked on the road, unless impractical to do so.
  • always use hand signals when turning or stopping
  • walk your bicycle across pedestrian crossings
  • travel no more than 1.5m apart from each other if riding two abreast
  • slow down on a cycle path when pedestrians are present.
  • warn pedestrians of your approach on a cycle path.