Car Sharing

GoGet Launch Mayor Keneally Cr Kondilios
Car Sharing gives you all the benefits of a car, without the hassle and expense of owning one. As a member of a car sharing community, you have access to a network of new cars parked locally, which saves you time and money and helps reduce congestion and pollution on our roads.

Car sharing is a convenient, affordable and sustainable transport option for residents and businesses. The Botany Bay City Council supports car sharing because it enables more sustainable travel habits, and helps keep our businesses and residents connected. It is also an efficient use of parking space – a single car share vehicle can replace up to 12 private vehicles that would otherwise compete for local parking.

Across Sydney, more than 21,700 residents and businesses have joined car share schemes. Members can book a car online whenever they need one, and pick it up from one of more than 600 nearby parking spaces. 

Council has two Car Share locations in John Street in the Mascot Station Precinct.