A Quantitative Risk Assessment  (QRA) of dangerous goods movements on Denison Street, Hillsdale was undertaken by Council in partnership with the Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E), who engaged Scott Lister (risk consultant) to undertake this study.

The QRA was required as part of the assessment of the Bunnings application at 140-148 Denison Road, Hillsdale (DA No. 11/224) that was determined by the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) on 1 April 2015. The purpose of the study was to understand the level of risk associated with dangerous goods (DG) transport on Denison Street to inform the determination on the proposed Bunnings development as well as other potential future developments around the Botany Industrial Park (BIP).

Following the finalisation of the QRA, the DP&E requested a sensitivity analysis to be undertaken to estimate the contribution of increased DG Class 2.1 movements to the overall risk. The results of this analysis were published in an addendum report.

One of the recommendations of the QRA was that Council review its planning controls for the area, in light of the QRA, to ensure that new development does not result in a significant exposure to risks from dangerous goods transport incidents. Accordingly, Council engaged a risk consultant, Arriscar Pty Ltd, to adequately review the planning controls in context of the results of the Transport QRA, as well as the societal risk from the Botany Industrial Park.

There are no established quantitative risk criteria in NSW for land use safety planning relating to the transport of DGs. As such the report is based on the interim risk criteria currently adopted in NSW, which are consistent with criteria that have been adopted in previous QRAs.

Denison Street Land Use Safety Study Review of Planning Controls

The Denison Street Land Use Safety Study Review of Planning Controls provides Council with a review of the existing risk-related controls in the Study Area surrounding Denison Street Hillsdale. The report has found that changes are required to the planning controls to provide a more succinct and direct Part pertaining to risk-related controls, as well as providing a number of other steps for Council to take in order to make informed land use safety decisions for existing and future developments in the area, including LEP Amendments.

The report outlines in depth the proposed controls for the 20 areas contained within the Study Area . Some of these controls do involve restrictions on the use of the land, for the continued safety of residents and workers in the area. Council will need to work closely with the Department of Planning & Environment to ensure that the most effective planning instruments are utilised to effectively implement the recommendations of the report.

Council resolved to release the report to the public at its Development Committee Meeting held 7 September 2016.

If you have any questions or need assistance relating to this matter, please contact Council's Strategic Planning Team on 02 9366 3666.