Planning Proposal - Rezoning of 11-13 Lord Street Botany

Dexus Projects Pty Ltd have made an application to Council seeking to rezone the southern precinct of the Lakes Business Park (known as 11-13 Lord Street Botany) and amend the FSR and Building Height controls contained in the Botany Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013.

The Planning Proposal (dated May 2015) seeks the following amendments:

  • Rezone the subject site from B7 – Business Park to B4 – Mixed Use;
  • Amend the Height of Building Map contained in the Botany Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013 from 22m to 28m; and
  • Amend the Floor Space Ratio Map contained in the Botany Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013 from 1:1 to 2.1:1.

The reports lodged by the applicant indicate that the future development of the site will allow residential development (658 dwellings) and retail and commercial floor space (1,174m2).

Additional detail on the Planning Proposal can be found in the following documents lodged by Dexus:

Addendum Reports/Plans lodged by Dexus

Dexus lodged the additional information in 2015:

 On 12 January 2016 lodged the following additional information:

Planning Agreement

DEXUS Wholesale Management Limited as Trustee of the Lakes South Subtrust have made an offer to the City of the Botany Bay to enter into a Planning Agreement in relation to the Planning Proposal.  The draft Planning Agreement and supporting information was on public notice from Wednesday 8 June 2016 to Friday 8 July 2016. The draft Planning Agreement is available on Council’s website at

Recent Actions

Following an open tender process, the City of Botany Bay Council engaged consultants KJA to facilitate an independent community forum for the proposed development. The community forum was held on 8 September 2015. The report on the community forum can be downloaded here.

As a result of the issues raised by the community, Dexus lodged with Council an amended site plan which can be downloaded here.

A second Community Forum was held on Thursday 5 November 2015. The final report on the community forum process can be downloaded here.

More information can be obtained on the Planning Proposal by contacting Council's Strategic Team on 9366 3666 or emailing