Planning Proposal - Deletion of the Bonus Provisions

In accordance with Council’s resolution dated 25 February 2015, a Planning Proposal was prepared and submitted to the Department of Planning & Environment (the Department) on 25 February 2015 seeking to amend the Botany Bay Local Environmental Plan (BBLEP) 2013 as follows:

  • Delete Sub-clause (2A) in Clause 4.3 – Height of Buildings relating to a 22 metre height for sites zoned R3 and R4; and
  • Delete Clause 4.4B as it relates to exceptions to FSR (to allow a FSR of 1.65:1) in Zone R3 and R4.

On 7 September 2015, the Department issued Gateway Determination for the Planning Proposal.

The Gateway Determination was reported to the Development Committee held 7 October 2015. SJB Planning was subsequently engaged to assist Council in addressing issues identified in the Gateway Determination.

Council at its Development Committee Meeting held 7 September 2016 resolved to place the Peer Review – Planning Proposal 1/2015 dated August 2016 on Council’s website.