How to Prepare and Submit a new Planning Proposals

A Planning Proposal is an application to Council to make an amendment to the Botany Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013.

Generally, this is achieved through a change in the type of land use or development controls that are currently affecting land.

A planning proposal must provide justification as to why the amendments should be applied to the Botany Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013. It must be prepared in accordance with Section 55 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and NSW Planning & Environment’s Guide to Preparing Planning Proposals. The Guide to Preparing Local Environmental Plans may also be helpful in the preparation of a Planning Proposal.

Before preparing your planning proposal we recommend you speak with Council’s Strategic Planning Officers. All applicants are encouraged to have a pre-lodgement meeting with Council officers to discuss the proposal and ensure that relevant issues are addressed.

Council Policy Position in relation to community engagement fro development proposals, adopted by Council on 27 May 2015

Council adopted on 27 May 2015 a policy position in relation to community engagement for development proposals, including planning proposals.

The aim of the policy position in relation to community engagement for development proposals is to:

  • Increase community understanding of the proposal.
  • Enable discussion of possible modifications to the proposal that may address community concerns.
  • Provide an opportunity for Council’s planning and assessment staff to have a clearer understanding of community concerns.

The Council's Policy position is as follows:

  • The level of community engagement should be appropriate to the size and impact of the development. Generally, community engagement meetings will be held and facilitated by Council for development applications with an estimated value exceeding $5M and/or major rezoning proposals.
  • Applicants will be encouraged to hold a community engagement meeting prior to the lodgment of a development application. Applicants will be requested to provide details of the community engagement undertaken and how the application addresses any concerns raised by the community.
  • The decision to hold a community engagement meeting will be determined by either Council; the Mayor or the General Manager, in consultation with the Director of Planning and Environment.
  • Residents invited to attend a community engagement meeting will comprise those directly affected by the proposal ie. the notification catchment area identified in Council’s DCP.
  • An Agenda will be prepared for community engagement meeting and will identify those key areas where feedback is encouraged. Issues may include privacy, overshadowing, bulk and scale and location of infrastructure (such as car park entrances, communal facilities and public open space).
  • Debate on the merits or otherwise of the planning controls that apply to the development or views about the general nature of development within the City will not be allowed.
  • A code of conduct guide will be developed outlining the broad expectations of individuals participating in community engagement meetings and will include matters such as one person to speak at any one time, respecting the views of others etc. This code will be listed on our website and provided at the meeting.
  • Minutes will be kept of each meeting and will include a record of attendance, matters raised and any actions to be undertaken.
  • The General Manager may engage a professional facilitator to conduct the meeting where considered appropriate.
  • If the conduct of a community engagement meeting raises concerns for the Chair regarding the conduct of participants and the personal safety and wellbeing of attendees, the meeting will be closed.