Pre-lodgement meeting

Planning meeting
The Botany Bay City Council offers a formal pre-Development Application lodgement Service for more complex Development Applications, which is aimed at identifying key issues at an early stage, prior to the lodgement of your Development Application.

You can meet with relevant senior staff to get early advice on your development proposal. Formal correspondence is provided, outlining any issues that should be considered prior to the lodgement of the Development Application. The service aims to provide a better understanding of the Development Application process and ensures there is consistency and continuity in advice provided by Council.

For large or complex proposals it is advisable to have a formal pre-lodgement meeting. Pre-DA Meetings can cost between $630 and $3700, depending on the value of the development. Experience shows that pre-DA meetings save applicants time and money by improving their understanding of the process and identifying and resolving issues earlier rather than later.