Certifying Authority and Principal Certifying Authority

You must not commence building work unless you have Development Consent AND a Construction Certificate. Before you commence any building or subdivision works, you must appoint a Principal Certifying Authority.
A Certifying Authority undertakes the following tasks:
  • Issues Construction and Occupation Certificates
  • A Principal Certifying Authority ensures Development Conditions of Consent are maintained.
  • Undertakes inspections that are required for each stage of the construction process.

You can appoint the Botany Bay City Council to issue your Construction Certificate and/or to be the Principal Certifying Authority. Alternatively, you may appoint an accredited certifier. An accredited certifier is a person who is accredited by the NSW Building Professionals Board. Accredited certifiers may only undertake tasks relevant to their expertise. An accredited certifier must have appropriate professional indemnity insurance. The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 also contains provisions to avoid conflicts of interest by accredited certifiers. If you appoint an accredited certifier, please note that you generally cannot change to another accredited certifier at a later date, except in very special circumstances.