Mascot Town Centre Precinct Transport Management Accessibility Plan

The aim of the Transport Management Accessibility Plan has reviewed how and to what extent the Mascot Precinct’s transport and road systems need to be managed or changed to meet the expected population and employment growth in the area. 

The study also considered whether changes to land use zoning would be beneficial in accommodating future growth. The Transport Management Accessibility Plan remains important supporting policies to the Botany Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013 and the Botany Bay Development Control Plan 2013

Part 1: Table of Contents and Executive-Summary

Part 2: Introduction and Strategic Land Use and Transport Planning Context

Part 3: Existing and Planned Transport System

Part 4: Proposed Land Use Development Options, Modelling, Package of Measures and Recommendations

Part 5: Appendix A: Working Paper #1 – Strategic Modelling Report and Appendix B: Working Paper #2 - Micro-Simulation Modelling Report

Part 6: Appendix C: Pedestrian and Cyclist Facilities Photographic Inventory, Appendix D: SIDRA Intersection Analysis Result and Appendix E: Strategic Cost Estimates of the Recommended Road Newwork Upgrades

Part 7: Appendix F (Part A): Strategic Designs of Road Network Upgrades

Part 8: Appendix F (Part B): Strategic Designs of Road Network Upgrades

Part 9: Appendix G: Strategic Modelling Results Level of Service and H: Working Paper #3 - Bourke Street Bus Closure