Statement of Heritage Impact & Conservation Management Plans

Council cannot grant consent to a Development Application involving a heritage item or most development in a conservation area without considering how the development would impact on the heritage significance of the item or of the conservation area. 

To enable Council to make an assessment, a Statement of Heritage Impact must accompany all Development Applications submitted for a heritage item or within a conservation area.

A Statement of Heritage Impact conveys the impact or impacts of proposal development on a heritage item or heritage conservation area. It also contains recommendations to mitigate the impacts. It is highly recommended that an experienced heritage consultant prepares the Statement to include:

  • A description of the item, site and immediate streetscape and building group (where the item is part of a building group or conservation area).
  • Annotated photographs of the item including existing buildings, mature vegetation and major landscape elements and the local streetscape.
  • A summary of the historical development of the place.
  • For heritage items, a detailed statement of significance, based on the physical description and historical summary.
  • For places in a conservation area, an assessment of the item’s contribution to the significance of the conservation area.
  • A detailed description of the proposed development.
  • For heritage items, an analysis of the positive and negative impacts of the works on the significance of the item.
  • For places in a conservation area, an analysis of the positive and negative impacts of the proposed work on the setting and local streetscape and on the significance of the conservation area.
  • A description of any alternative design or work options and the reasons that they were discounted.
  • In the case of applications for demolition or substantial demolition, justification as to why adaptive re-use is not viable.

Consult the Office of Environment and Heritage for further information on the requirements of a Statement of Heritage Impact and how to prepare one. 

In addition to the Statement of Heritage Impact, the Applicants may also be required to submit a heritage Conservation Management Plan. This document provides a guide to future care and use of a heritage item, including any new development. It sets out what is significant about the heritage item and what policies are appropriate to enable that significance to be retained in its future use and development.