Heritage & Conservation in Botany Bay

There are a broad range of significant heritage locations, buildings and items throughout the City of Botany Bay. 

These heritage items reflect the City's diverse history, including our aboriginal heritage, fishing and agricultural industries, aviation industry, a model residential suburb and the range of industrial activities. The items include dwellings, industrial buildings and sites, streetscapes, commercial buildings, public buildings, landscape items (trees, parks etc.) and religious buildings.

Protected heritage items are set out in:

The specific clauses of the Botany Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013 that are most relevant to heritage and conservation are:

  • Heritage Provisions in Part 5 - Clause 5.10
  • Heritage Items and Conservation Areas in Schedule 5

or review a complete list of all heritage items in the City of Botany Bay.

The State Heritage Inventory, on the Office of Environment & Heritage website, contains information for heritage items - ranging from basic identification information such as name, address and listing to full information such as detailed descriptions, histories, significance and images. You can visit the State Heritage Inventory by using the following link: heritage database.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Study and Plan for the City of Botany Bay

The final Study and Plan was completed on 17 June 2011. It includes a history of Aboriginal people in the Botany Bay LGA, identification of Aboriginal Heritage sites and areas, and recommends a number of actions for Council to consider and implement in the future.

A copy of the Study and Plan can be reviewed here.

Botany Heritage Study 1996

In 1996, Council undertook a heritage study for the City of Botany Bay, which forms the basis of the Council’s approach to heritage in the Botany Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013. For further information on the history of our Botany Bay please contact our Local Studies Librarian.

Review of Botany Bay Heritage Study

Council has successfully applied for a $50,000.00 grant from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) to engage a specialist consultant to review its existing heritage study. The original study was undertaken by Tropman and Tropman almost 20 years ago. The focus of the 12 month review will be updating the individual heritage items and heritage conservation area (Botany Township and Daceyville Garden Suburb) inventory forms into the new OEH format. Information on items and areas will be enhanced in line with current best practice.

The findings of the Review will be reported to Council in the future. If any changes to the inventory (and schedule 5 of the Botany Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013) are recommended, there will be a formal public exhibition to enable community input. The Review will be managed by Council’s Strategic Planning team.  More information can be obtained on the Review by contacting Council's Strategic Team on 9366 3666 or emailing council@botanybay.nsw.gov.au.

Daceyville Garden Suburb Heritage Conservation Area

Daceyville is one of the most important urban areas in Australia. The suburb was the first attempt by a State Government to comprehensively design and develop a “Garden Suburb”. Indeed, many are of the view that Daceyville was the first garden suburb to be designed and developed in Australia and as such it represents an important stage in the design and development of Australia’s Cities and suburbs.

Daceyville also needs to be understood as a product of the city planning philosophies of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In this regard Daceyville was the first attempt in Australia to address issues of social justice and housing quality through city planning. Daceyville exemplifies the successful attempts at overcoming the social issues which were evident during the 19th century in Sydney. By using the newly developed Garden City Movement, Daceyville has played a central part in the development of modern Australian suburbs, while at the same time played a critical role in improving social conditions in Sydney.

Daceyville is considered to be one of the most important urban areas in Australia because of its influence on the development of the Australian suburb and as an intact example of a Garden Suburb. It is also classified as a Heritage Conservation Area under Botany Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013.

In 2002 A Report for Daceyville Heritage Conservation Area within its historical context  was prepared for Council by Susan Jackson-Stepowski. A copy of the report can be reviewed here .