Step 1 - Seek Information

Seek Information about planning and development
Before making any changes to your property, large or small, please contact Botany Bay City Council to discuss your proposal. Council’s experienced and helpful staff will explain the relevant Plans and Policies that apply to you depending on the zoning of the land and the proposed nature of works.

The first step in preparing a Development Application is to find out what policies and planning controls apply to your development. This involves considering:

You will also need to determine if your proposal requires approval from another government agency (referred to as Integrated Development). If your application is Integrated, you should contact the other agency as soon as possible to obtain their requirements. 

For large or complex proposals, it is recommended that you have a formal pre-lodgement meeting with Council to identify the key issues prior to lodgement of your Development Application.

Legislation and policy documents

There are a number of documents that you will need to consider when preparing your Development Application. These include:

  • Environmental Planning Instruments 
The Botany Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013 (BBLEP 2013) is the principal legal document controlling development within the City of Botany Bay. It contains information on how land is zoned and establishes what uses are permissible in each zone. It also contains development standards to regulate the extent of development, and provisions to conserve Botany Bay's heritage and natural environment.

There are also State Environmental Planning Policies (prepared by the State Government) which are applicable to different types of development.

A Development Control Plan is a policy document produced by Council that provides information and controls relating to the design and planning of developments.

Development Applications will generally be assessed under the current Botany Bay Development Control Plan.

If you are unsure which documents are applicable to your type of development, please call Council's duty planner (available 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday-Friday) at Council's administration building.

Site specific planning constraints

Planning Certificate (issued under Section 149 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act) provides formal advice on land zoning and planning controls applicable to your site.

You are also advised to liaise with Council's development engineers to determine whether your site is subject to any flood related planning considerations.

Integrated Approvals (Approval from other agencies)

Your proposal may also require an approval from other government agencies. Where possible, we can help you identify relevant agencies. If you require approval from other government agencies, we strongly recommend that you consult with the relevant agencies as early as possible. Council will refer your application to the agency for their Terms of Approval on lodgement. This may include for example, the Office of Water (if affected by groundwater) or NSW Environment & Heritage (if it affects a State Heritage Item).

Pre-lodgement meetings

Pre-development consultation and lodgement of development application

Council offers a formal pre-lodgement application assessment, which is aimed at identifying key issues at an early stage, prior to lodgement of your Development Application.

The service offers a meeting with relevant senior Council staff to provide applicants with early advice on their development proposal. Formal correspondence is then provided, outlining any issues that will need to be considered prior to the subsequent lodgement of the Development Application. 

The service aims to provide a better understanding of the Development Application process and ensures there is consistency and continuity in advice provided by Council. 

For large or complex proposals, it is always advisable to have a formal pre-lodgement meeting. We charge a fee for this service; however, you are likely to save time and money if you heed the advice and resolve any problems before you submit your development application.