Lodge Your Application

You can lodge your application in person at the Coward St Administration Centre or send your Development Application form with supporting digital plans, documents, a Statement of Environmental Effects and fees to us by mail, document exchange or courier. 
  • All development applications must be lodged with the consent of the owner/s of the land
  • Fees are paid at the lodgement of a Development Application. Please contact Council’s Customer Services Section for a quote
  • A preliminary assessment of Development Application will occur to determine whether all the necessary information has been received for Council to accept the application
  • Council can reject your application within 14 days after lodgement if the application does not contain the required information or if it is illegible or unclear.

At lodgement, you are required to provide:

  • One (1) hardcopy of the completed Development Application form and checklist
  • Notification plans
  • Survey Plan
  • All other plans (Note: For alterations and additions to existing buildings, plans are to be coloured to highlight the area of work being proposed)
  • SEE and other supporting documentation

Hard copies of plans / documents will be required for applications that require referral to Council's Design Review Panel, and applications that require determination by the Planning Panel of the Greater Sydney Commission.

Note: Development Applications can be lodged at Council between 10am and 4pm.

Note: A Development Application will not be accepted by Council if all the required information is not lodged. 



Fees are set by the NSW Government as set out in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and are calculated based on the estimated cost of development (or the number of lots in the case of subdivision). Please contact Council’s Customer Services Section for a quote.

Payment options

Cheque: Make cheques payable to 'City of Botany Bay’ for development application and long service levy fees.

Cash: Only for applications lodged in person. You can pay by cash between 8.15am and 4.00pm at the time of lodgement.

Disclosure of Political Donations and Gifts

Within NSW there is legislation surrounding political donations and gifts. If you (or your associates) have made any political donations or gifts, it is your responsibility to ensure that you make the necessary declarations when lodging your Development Application.


Council may be required to copy parts of your Development Application (and supporting information) for the purpose of obtaining public comment and/or making the information available under the provisions of Section 6 of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 and Schedule 1 of the Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2009 which includes publishing information electronically on Council's website.

Consequently, you are required to obtain a licence to use any copyright material forming part of your development application from the relevant copyright holder.