Design Review Panel

What is the Design Review Panel?

Design Review Panel

The Design Review Panel is a prelodgement service which provides an opportunity to meet with a Panel of Independent Urban Design and Architectural Experts to provide early feedback on a development proposal. 

These meetings provide feedback and highlight issues which need to be addressed before the submission of a development application and which will allow for smoother processing of the development application. 

All new commercial, industrial, multi-unit housing and residential flat buildings are required to be presented to the Design Review Panel. 

The cost of the Panel meeting is at the applicant’s expense. The Panel cost varies between $3000.00 to $4000.00 dependant on the size of the development. An Application Fee is required to be lodged with the submission of a Form and plans. 

The Design Review Panel Form can be located on Council’s website at

Please contact Council’s Customer Service on (02) 9366 3666 if you wish to make an enquiry for the Design Review Panel service.

The date of the meeting will be organised by Council and the Applicant will be informed via email of the date and time.