Addressing Policy - Street Names, House Numbering & New Parks

In March 2015, the Geographical Names Board of New South Wales formally endorsed the final versions of the NSW Address Policy, the NSW Retrospective Address Policy and the NSW Addressing User Manual.

The NSW Address Policy, NSW Retrospective Address Policy and the NSW Addressing User Manual contains the principles by which street numbers and road names are to be allocated. Further detail on the Policies and the comprehensive Manual can be found at

Council's Role

Council is required to follow the NSW Addressing User Manual.

This form (Application Seeking a Change of Property Address Form) is to be completed by people who are seeking new house numbering, street naming, etc due to land subdivision, strata development etc. A fee applies - please refer to the form for the appropriate fees.

Notice of Proposed Road Names

The City of Botany Bay announces that the following names are proposed for roads within the Council boundaries.

Locality: Baxter Road Mascot

Background: The name was proposed by the Botany Historic Trust Executive Committee and endorsed by Council as follows:

  • Butterfield Drive: Running east to west, commencing at 33 Baxter Road Mascot and ending at the intersection of O'Riordan Street, Mascot. Approximately 110 metres in length. This is a permanent road closure (i.e. cul-de-sac).

Joseph Butterfield was the pharmacist at Butterfield's Chemist on the corner of Botany Rd and King St from circa 1904. Joseph Butterfield died in 1923 but the pharmacy remained known as Butterfield's until circa 1935, when it became Davidson's Chemist - and still remains.

Location: The map attached shows the location of the new road.

Notice has been given by the NSW Comprehensive Property Addressing System (NSW Land and Property Information) pursuant to Section 163 of the Roads Act 1993 and Part 2 of the Roads Regulation 2008 of the proposal.

Locality: Wilson and Pemberton Street Precinct Botany

Background: The names were proposed by the Botany Historical Trust Executive Committee, and adopted by Council at its Meeting held 12 October 2016, as follows:

  • Mahroot Street: Running west to east, with a vehicular connection to Pemberton Street and a pedestrian connection to Wilson Street.

Mahroot is the name of an Aboriginal elder from the Botany Bay area who was born in 1796. Mahroot left Australia for periods of time on whaling vessels but always lived in and around the Botany area and the mouth of the Cooks River. In 1845, Mahroot told a parliamentary enquiry about the Aboriginal people living at Botany Bay. He died in 1850 and was buried at the Sir Joseph Banks Hotel site.

  • Saxby Close: Running North to South from Mahroot Street, ending in a cul-de-sac. Note: the new street has not been surveyed yet; therefore the exact coordinates of the beginning and end of the roads are not available.

The Saxby family settled in Botany during the 1840s, having emigrated from England. Brothers Joseph and Henry Saxby both purchased land from Thomas Kellett in the 1850s and established market gardens in the Botany/Banksmeadow district. They won many prizes for their vegetables and flowers. Children's author, Maurice Saxby was born in Botany in 1924 and died in 2014.

  • Bagnall Path: From Pemberton Street to Kurnell Street. The road runs from west to east. Approx 108 metres in length. Note: the new street has not been surveyed yet, therefore the exact coordinates of the beginning and end of the road are not available.

Mr Bagnall was an owner of one of the first subdivisions of Botany.

Location: The map attached shows the location of the Proposed New Roads.

Council is awaiting gazettal of the above road and path names. Please contact Council's Mascot Strategic Team for more information.

Recent Road Naming Gazetted

The City of Botany Bay announces the following names for roads within the council boundaries have been gazetted:

  • Etherden Walk, Gearin Alley, Jackson Drive, Muller Lane and Galloway Street within the Mascot Station Precinct. The names were proposed by the Botany Historical Trust Executive Committee, commemorating former Mayors of the City of Botany Bay as follows; Municipality of Botany - Etherden, C.F (1905-1908); Jackson, G.A (1939, 1941); Muller, L.W (1948); Municipality of North Botany - Gearin, Michael (1901); and Municipality of Mascot - Galloway, John E (1937). A location map of the new street names can be found here. The Gazette Notice can be found here.

Notice of Proposed Park Names


Recent Park Naming Gazetted

The following park names were gazetted on 23 September 2016. The Gazette Notice can be found here .

The three new reserves are:

  • Doctor Darragh Park: This reserve is located within the Meriton Development at 19-33 Kent Road, Mascot.

A former reserve at 1287 Botany Road Mascot (corner of Botany Road and Wentworth Avenue) was named Dr Darragh Reserve. It was resumed by RMS in late 2014 for the WestConnex Enabling Works. Dr Darragh Reserve was dedicated to the memory of Dr William Chandler Darragh, whose medical practice was located 1287 Botany Road, Mascot. Dr William Chandler Darragh was born in 1898 in Balmain, attended Marist Bros, Darlinghurst and graduated from the University of Sydney in 1923 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Master of Surgery. By 1930 he had established his medical practice at 1287 Botany Rd. Mascot, where he remained until his death in 1960. Dr Darragh was a well-respected member of the community, attending many local social and fundraising occasions where he was often a guest of honour. These functions included debutante balls and hospital fundraisers. He also contributed to the building fund of the new St Therese Church and School. In 1933 it was Dr Darragh who was called to examine the body of bookmaker, John Keane who had been executed and dumped in a vacant lot in Mascot. He often seems to have been called to testify at inquests and controversial trials. During the 1950s William Darragh also served as Sydney Stadium’s medical officer. He appears to have had interests in both greyhound racing and boxing, and was often called on to attend to boxers in a medical capacity. In 1940 he bought a greyhound, Meltonia, and was involved with the National Coursing Association. Dr Darragh seems to have been unmarried. In 1969 the Dr Darragh Reserve was opened on the corner of Wentworth Ave. and Botany Rd. Mascot, on the site of his former medical practice. This site has now been resumed.

  • Annabel Park: This reserve is located within the new development at 7-9 Kent Road, Mascot.

The Annabel Family were prominent market gardeners in the Mascot area. Their 25 acre farm was located at the western end of Coward Street. The large trees near the corner of Coward and Kent Street may possibly be the trees that once marked the entrance to their property. In the Atlas of the Suburbs of Sydney, ca 1885-1890, what is now known as Coward Street, is actually listed as ‘Anabels Road’ most likely because it led to their property.

  • Reverend Soo Park:  A new park loacted at the intersection of Galloway Street and Kent Road, Mascot.

Reverend George Soo Hoo Ten was the first Chinese man in the colony to be ordained by the Anglican Church. In 1879 he started to make regular visits to the Chinese market gardeners in the Botany Waterloo area. In 1885 he was put in charge of the new Chinese Anglican Church that was established on the corner of Botany Road and Tramway Street, Mascot. Reverend George Soo Hoo Ten is an important figure in both the history of NSW and the local area. The former is reflected by his entry in the Australian Dictionary of Biography. For more details see

 A map showing the location of the three reserves is attached here.


The following park names were gazetted on 18 November 2016. The Gazette Notice is attached here.

The four new reserves are:

  • Mahroot Reserve: The reserve is adjacent to Wilson Street, Botany.

The Botany Historical Society has proposed the name ‘Mahroot’- an Aboriginal elder from the Botany Bay area who was born in 1796. . He died in 1850 and was buried at the Sir Joseph Banks Hotel site. In recommending this name, the Botany Historical Society consulted with the La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council.

  • Tannery Park: The reserve will be located at the intersection of Mahroot Sreet and Saxby Close, Botany.

Historically the Botany area has been home to a number of important industries. Since the 1970s and 1980s this heritage has slowly been lost as these industries have closed and been turned into business parks or residential areas.

  • Hillier Park: The reserve will be adjacent to Kurnell Street and Wilson Street, Botany.

In memory of Nancy Hillier OAM (1924-2013). For over 40 years Nancy Hillier has been known throughout Botany and much further afield, for her tireless activism. Recently the University of NSW has decided to honour her with a memorial lecture series.

  • Standfield Park: The reserve is located at 12-14 Church Avenue, Mascot.

From 1943 until its closure in 2000, Standfield’s Supreme Mouse Trap Factory in Baxter Rd. Mascot was the only mousetrap factory in the Southern Hemisphere. It was a family-run business and well-known to generations of local residents.

Standfield Park is located within the Mascot Station Precinct and Mahroot Reserve, Tannery Park and Hillier Park are located within the Wilson/Pemberton Street Precinct, Botany .