Water Conservation

Before modern water supply systems were created, most people used buckets or urns to collect water from their village well and carry it to their homes.

Nowadays, cities like Botany Bay have networks of pipes that move water from place to place:

  • water mains transport drinking water to homes and businesses
  • sewers carry dirty water to sewage treatment plants
  • stormwater drains carry rainwater running off roads into rivers, creeks and bays

This journey of water – from being collected in forested catchments to returning to the natural water cycle as purified wastewater – is called the urban water cycle. It is different from the natural water cycle because of humans, who take water for drinking, cooking and recreational purposes. You also have a role to play in the urban water cycle. Being a water responsible citizen means knowing how to use water wisely and taking steps to protect water quality in your area. 

There are many simple things you can do around your home and garden to use water efficiently. Water saving initiatives provide environmental benefits and cost savings. You can do simple things like replacing water fixtures and toilets with water efficient hardware. Installing a rainwater tank can also save on the use of clean town water and take advantage of the rain, especially for flushing toilets and watering the garden. 

The City of Botany Bay does not have water restrictions but residents must still abide by Water Wise Rules. These are:

Watering your garden

  • Only water with hoses fitted with a trigger nozzle, sprinklers and irrigation systems any day before 10 am and after 4 pm 
  • Use a bucket or watering can to water lawns and gardens at any time
  • Use your sprinkler or watering system anytime to establish a new lawn for 14 days after you’ve laid the turf
  • Use water from your rainwater tank anytime as long as it is not connected to or topped up with drinking water.

Looking after your pool and keeping cool

  • Fill or top up your swimming pool at any time
  • Use water to cool people or animals at any time


  • Only use a bucket, watering can or a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle to wash vehicles 
  • Only clean your bin using a hose fitted with a trigger nozzle. Where possible, wash your bin in an official bin wash area or on grass
  • Only hose paths, driveways, concrete or other paved surfaces for health, safety, emergency, construction or surface discoloration reasons. You must be able to give a legitimate reason to one of our authorised staff members if you're asked
  • Only use a hose to flush your boat engine
  • Only use a hose with a trigger nozzle or high pressure cleaning device to clean your boat bilges, boat trailer brakes and wheels.

Fire fighting

  • Use a fire hose (or any other hose or bucket) for fire fighting activities.

The Botany Bay City Council has installed water efficient toilets and fixtures in bathrooms and rain water tanks at a number of our facilities. We use Planet Footprint to monitor our electricity and water usage across all of our assets.