Green Renting

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It’s easy to make decisions about your home when you’re the owner. You can make structural changes, get solar panels and install water tanks.

Being a renter and living sustainably can sometimes prove to be a challenge. But it is possible to make significant changes to your home to make it more comfortable, save money and reduce your environmental impact. Most of these are small behavioural changes which can be very simple and inexpensive. Some of these things include taking shorter showers, turning off lights and washing clothes in cold water.

Some other measures you can take include choosing a place with some key things already in place. This could be as simple as looking at the layout so you are able to zone off areas of the house for efficient heating in winter. Check to see if the house has water efficient fixtures – your landlord may even be open to replacing old fixtures with new water efficient one if you outline the benefits.

There are also lots of simple measures you can take to better insulate or draught proof your rental home to help save energy and money. Simple measures like plugging gaps with draught snakes and closing blinds are cheap and easy solutions. Choosing a good location is key to renting green. One of the great advantages of renting is increased flexibility. Try and choose a property that is close enough to work so you can walk or alternatively close to public transport.

One of the easiest ways to make your home more sustainable is to simply choose the GreenPower option from your electricity retailer. Accredited GreenPower is electricity generated from clean, renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, wave and small-scale hydro plants, as well as landfill gas and biomass (waste).