WWI Centenary Street Names Trail

Published on 16 June 2016


To mark the centenary of Anzac, Council in conjunction with the Botany Historical Trust, has created a WWI Centenary Street Names Trail in the suburbs of Daceyville and northern Pagewood. The advent of WWI had a dramatic impact upon society and we can clearly see this in the naming of local streets.

When the construction of Daceyville began in 1912, early road names were inspired by the European exploration of Australia.  Banks Avenue, for example, remembers Sir Joseph Banks, the well-known naturalist, who sailed with Captain Cook into Botany Bay in 1770.   

This pattern of street naming changed when WWI started to dominate the hearts and minds of society. Later streets instead bore the names of heroic servicemen and important commanders.

This Trail tells the story behind 17 local street names. Along the way you’ll discover the man who came up with the term Anzac and find out which highly decorated solider never attended an Anzac Day March.

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