Update on Wentworth Ave and Page St intersection

Published on 26 August 2016

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Mayoral Minute

As Councillors are aware, Council has been working since early 2015 with plans to improve the intersection at Wentworth Ave and Page St, Pagewood. This intersection can become congested, especially during the late morning peak. An independent traffic study commissioned by Council identified this intersection as being in need of improvement. Council consulted with residents in the early stages to seek support and identify concerns.

Councillors, it is worth commenting on the issue of increased traffic volumes on our local roads. Which are primarily caused by increased levels of car ownership and increased car usage for commuting. It was reported just last week, that Sydney passed a significant milestone when over a half of households now own two or more vehicles for the first time. The latest figures from the NSW Bureau of Transport Statistics show that total household vehicle ownership has risen by 26 per cent to 2.85 million over the past decade. In 2003-04, almost 56 per cent of households had just one vehicle or none at all. The State Government’s lack of transport infrastructure to meet housing targets has made car ownership even more desirable. In fact the State Government rejected successive approaches by Council to fix this intersection or even acknowledge the significant impact traffic congestion has on our residents.

Regardless of the source of the problem and lack of State Government cooperation, we sought to fix this intersection. Council staff have now progressed the planning for this upgrade and as you all know, we have set money aside in this year’s budget for the work to be undertaken.

I can advise Councillors, that draft plans have now been provided to the RMS for feedback. Once received, any RMS feedback will be incorporated into the plans. Community consultation will then be undertaken before the final plans are put to us as Council for consideration and work can begin.