Statement to Our Community - ICAC Public Enquiry

Published on 05 April 2016


On behalf of the entire community, the Council of the City of Botany Bay expresses its shock and anger regarding the matters presented at the ongoing Public Inquiry held by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

The alleged actions represent an immense breach of trust committed by a group of employees against their fellow Council staff members, the elected Council and, most importantly, the community.

As the elected Council we express to the community our profound disgust at these circumstances.

Council has already commenced and will continue to take all steps necessary to recover monies that have been the subject of theft and fraud.

Council is grateful for the work of ICAC in exposing these matters. We hope that all those who have acted inappropriately will be called to account for their criminal actions or misconduct. Council has cooperated fully and assisted ICAC with its investigation. We will continue to do so.

During this difficult period Council has and will continue to deliver the high quality services and local representation that residents expect and deserve.

It should be noted that neither the current General Manager nor any of the current Councillors are the subject of any allegation of misconduct.