State Government Should Go Further with Mercury Testing

Published on 31 January 2013

Mercury testing
Mayor of the City of Botany Bay, Ben Keneally, reconfirmed Council’s commitment to stand by the community in their fight for independent testing for mercury contamination around the Orica site. 

Mayor Keneally cautiously welcomed last week’s announcement by the EPA that an independent review and analysis of all information regarding historical mercury emissions will be conducted.

“An independent review is an important first step but it does not go far enough.  The scope of the investigation must be broadened to include off-site testing.  It is vital that a robust and transparent process based on scientific fact is undertaken,” said Mr Keneally. 

“We as a community need to know what the risks are or to have our concerns put to rest.  The only way this can be achieved is through off-site testing.”

“The City of Botany Bay has always been a strong advocate for the health of our residents and our local environment”, said Mr Keneally.

“Over the past week I, along with other Councillors, have met with residents and representatives from Orica about this issue and to plan a way forward.  We will always stand up for our local residents.”