Proposal to Restrict High Density Development

Published on 06 February 2015


Mayor Ben Keneally today announced the launch of public consultation on proposed changes to the contentious "bonus provisions" in the Botany Bay LEP. The bonus provisions allow up to six storey buildings to be constructed on sites greater than 2000 square metres in medium density zones. This has caused problems where the development is close to lower density neighbourhoods.

The proposed changes will reduce the impact of the bonus provisions by requiring developments that rely on the bonus clause to respect the building form and scale at property boundaries. New developments will have to show they are compatible and in character with surrounding buildings.

"This is about better protection of the residential amenity of our suburbs", said Mr Keneally.

The Mayor said these proposed changes followed Council’s resolution to abolish the bonus provisions altogether

"The NSW Department of Planning would not let us abolish the bonus provisions. We negotiated this proposed amendment last year as the best alternative they would agree to. Unfortunately we do not have control over our own LEP. People think we do and we can change our LEP whenever we want. That's just not the case.

Mr Keneally foreshadowed that Council would be considering even greater restrictions on the bonus provisions at the next Council Meeting.

"These proposals being exhibited are certainly better than what we have right now, but we have always wanted to go further. Since the JRPP decision on the development in Edgehill Avenue we have a stronger case to make to the Department that the bonus clause should be more heavily restricted. We are looking at further options to do this and will be seeking the support of the community to ensure the Department listens this time.

Councillor Christina Curry has urged all residents to get involved with the public consultation.

“This is a great opportunity for Council and the community to work together to better protect our suburbs and villages. Let’s send a message to the State Government that we want this”, said Councillor Curry.

Residents can access information regarding the proposed changes by visiting the Admin Centre at 141 Coward St Mascot, the Central Library in Eastgardens.