Message from the Deputy Mayor

Published on 05 July 2016



Good News – new date for the Multicultural Fair

We were all so disappointed when the Multicultural Fair had to be cancelled last month owing to the extreme weather event on the weekend of 4 June. The good news is we have a new date. On Saturday 3 September we will celebrate the Botany Bay Spring Multicultural Fair. It will be held in Eastlakes Reserve between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. Again, there will be fun rides, fantastic food, great stalls and shopping and amazing entertainment. Put the date in your diary now as we would love to see you there.

It’s that time of year again – competition time

It is winter and it is cold – but there is so much to look forward to, including Council’s annual Garden Competition and Photography Competition. It is the perfect time to start planning your garden for your future spring plantings or to start taking photos in our parks or in our playgrounds or at sports events; in our gardens - both private and public; of our buildings – residential, industrial, historical or new; our street scapes; and events and people in our city. Botany Bay is your inspiration. Keep reading this column for further information on both these events.

Have you visited the “Our A-Z” exhibition yet?

Have you seen this exhibition yet? It is a celebration of our City’s long and diverse history. Delve back into our past and you’ll discover everything from a snake catcher who called his home Snakedomia to a killer cyclone that left three people and 98 cows dead. This exhibition brings alive 26 local stories. Some of these subjects, like sand hills that once dominated this area, only live in the memories of long term residents. Other tales, like the infectious diseases register, have been hiding in archives, just waiting to be discovered. The exhibition is on at the Mascot Library and George Hanna Museum until Friday 26 August.

Free Wi-Fi and Public Access Computers

Did you know that there is free Wi-Fi available at Mascot Library in Hatfield Street and the Central Library at Eastgardens? In the past four months local users have logged nearly 10,000 hours using free internet at Mascot and Eastgardens. If you don’t have your own device to use Wi-Fi, there are also public access computers available at Eastgardens. So far this year, local residents have used these computers for more than 6,000 sessions.

Deputy Mayor
Stan Kondilios