Mayor of Botany Bay calls on Light Rail to be extended to Eastgardens

Published on 27 July 2013

Mayor calls on Light Rail to be Extended to Eastgardens
Mr Ben Keneally, Mayor of the City of Botany Bay has called on the State Government to extend the light rail project from its current terminus in Kingsford to Eastgardens.

“Light rail is a unique infrastructure project that will transform Sydney. Extending the line just 2.4 kilometres will benefit both the project and the people of South Eastern Sydney". Mr Keneally said.

“The redevelopment of the massive British American Tobacco Association (BATA) site in Pagewood provides a huge opportunity for the project. The site is a blank canvas right now. The Council is very keen to work with whoever purchases the site and the State Government to take advantage of this opportunity."

"Terminating the light rail at Eastgardens would provide the opportunity to build a high quality transport oriented development at BATA. The site could also provide space for the stabling for the light rail rolling stock - a critical challenge for the project. The stabling could even be integrated into the development, with apartments built above it."

Bringing light rail to Eastgardens will also give our residents relief from over-crowded and slow buses.

“It will also allow for better integration with public transport at Westfields Eastgardens which is already a transport hub”, said Mr Keneally.

“This is not a high cost option for the State Government. The route could go along Banks Ave from Daceyville to Eastgardens.  This is just 2.4 kilometres further. It would make the extension a relatively inexpensive option as Banks Ave is a wide and level street and the rail would be at grade. The stabling option at BATA could even reduce the overall cost of the project against current estimates."

Mr Keneally has already informally raised the possibility of an extension with the Minister and senior officers from Transport for NSW.

“I am looking forward to having a formal opportunity to discuss the possibilities with Transport for NSW senior staff. Having light rail go further into the City of Botany Bay would be of great benefit to our residents and our workforce.”