Mayor of Botany Bay Condemns Baird Government's Dodgy Figures

Published on 08 September 2014

Mayor condemns Baird Government's dodgy figures
Mayor of Botany Bay, Ben Keneally, has condemned the State Government's use of dodgy figures to promote their council amalgamation agenda.

The NSW Government has today sought to pave the way for Council amalgamations across Sydney using an outdated and inaccurate report on Councils’ finances.

“The Government is using historical data that it knows is incorrect in order to build a case for forced Council amalgamations.

“The claim that the City of Botany Bay’s finances are ‘weak’ could not be further from the truth. A recent 2014 assessment by TCorp upgraded the City of Botany Bay to “moderate”, with capacity to meet our financial commitments in the long term.

“The City of Botany Bay remains debt free, with more than $50 million in investments. Furthermore, our City has kept rates low and has never applied for a rate increase above the rate pegging amount.

“Finally the City of Botany Bay’s independent auditor has confirmed that Council’s financial position remains ‘sound’,” Mr Keneally said.

“As an example, the City of Botany Bay cash expense ratio is considered below benchmark yet by TCorp’s own admission, as at June 2013, Council held substantial long term investments. If these term deposits were included in this ratio, we would be well above the benchmark for our entire 10 year financial plan.