Published on 19 April 2016


The Minister for Local Government, Mr Toole, has asked Councillors to apply for positions to implement his forced amalgamations. We were directly elected by the people of the City of Botany Bay to represent them.

In our community poll the people made their position clear. 98% of our community voted to oppose the destruction of their city and it being swallowed up by Rockdale. For any of us to sign up with Mr Toole would mean that we ignore our people and sell out the people we represent.

Mr Toole may be happy to say he opposes forced amalgamations before an election and then do the reverse but we don’t tell people one thing and then do the opposite. We will NOT be applying to be part of his undemocratic panels. We will ONLY serve on bodies directly elected by the people.

Mayor Ben Keneally
Cr. Stan Kondilios
Cr. George Glinatsis
Cr. Brian Troy
Cr. Christina Curry
Cr. Mark Castle
Cr. Greg Mitchell