Lionel Bowen Scholarship

Published on 25 May 2016

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Mayoral Minute

The Lionel Bowen Scholarship is a long standing initiative of the City of Botany Bay. The Scholarship honours one of our community’s most beloved sons the late Honourable Lionel Bowen. Lionel was a giant in our community: a local Councillor, state and federal Member and ultimately Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

Lionel Bowen knew firsthand the importance of education. After he served his country in the Second World War, Lionel went to University at the age of twenty four and became a Solicitor. Lionel had a lifelong love of learning and would go on to serve as Education Minister, where he would introduce a number of important changes to the sector including public needs-based funding for non-government schools.

The Lionel Bowen Scholarship honours Lionel Bowen and provides opportunities to local youth to pursue undergraduate and post-graduate university education. The scholarship is awarded each year by Council, on the advice of the Lionel Bowen Trust, to one worthy young person to help meet the cost of education expenses.

I want to acknowledge the Trustees of the Scholarship: and thank them for their service to our community.

The Trust met in April. The Trust noted that there were a number of worthy candidates. The Trust ultimately made the unanimous decision to award the 2016 Lionel Bowen Scholarship to Mr Timothy Clifford of Eastlakes.

Mr Clifford is twenty six years old and has resided in Eastlakes in our community for his entire life. He recently commenced studies at Charles Sturt University. Mr Clifford is working towards a Bachelor of Business Studies. Due to personal circumstances outside his control, Mr Clifford left high school in Year 11 but subsequently finished school and is the first person in his family to attend University

In forming their decision the Trust noted that Mr Clifford “demonstrated a genuine need for assistance”. They acknowledged and commended Mr Clifford’s “strong determination to succeed in spite of his past personal circumstances”. The Trust also noted that the scholarship would help to provide Mr Clifford support to build a new future.

I move that this minute be adopted.