Council Community Poll 2016

Published on 15 March 2016


A Council Poll on the NSW Government’s proposal to merge Botany Bay City Council and Rockdale City Council was held on Saturday 27 February 2016.


Do you agree that the City of Botany Bay should merge with Rockdale City Council?


In total 8,053 residents voted formally in our poll. This included:

  • 7,877 residents who voted “NO” to the proposal to amalgamate Botany Bay and Rockdale; and
  • 176 residents who voted “YES” to amalgamate Botany Bay and Rockdale.

This means a total of 97.8% of local residents are opposed to the plan to amalgamate the City of Botany Bay and Rockdale Council.

In 2012 – the last time our Council voted – just over 21,000 residents cast their vote in the Mayoral Election. This means that more than a third of eligible voters chose to participate in our Community Poll on 27 February. This is a strong turn out for a voluntary vote.


Council has now submitted the outcome of the Poll to the State Government’s delegate. You can review Council’s amended submission here . Council contends that we have made a strong submission as to why the City of Botany Bay should not be merged with Rockdale Council.

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