City of Botany Bay welcomes Boundaries Commission Inquiry

Published on 18 December 2015


The City of Botany Bay today welcomed news that the State Government will refer proposed council mergers to a Local Government Boundaries Commission.

Deputy Mayor, Councillor Stan Kondilios said the State Government had wasted time, money and resources on its ‘Fit for the Future’ agenda when it should have followed due process and initiated an independent inquiry two years ago.

“While our preference is to remain independent, we will work with the Boundaries Commission to secure the best outcome for the residents of the City of Botany Bay,” Councillor Kondilios said.

"The suggestion that Botany Bay and Rockdale be examined as a proposal lacks any understanding about communities where such councils are linked only by a motorway. I look forward engaging with the Commission in a genuine way to examine a number of avenues concerned with genuine reform.

“If the NSW Government believes that current council boundaries are not appropriate, it should have followed a transparent, methodical review process from the beginning.”

Councillor Kondilios said the Boundaries Commission would determine what boundaries would best suit local communities of interest.

“We remain hopeful that an independent assessment will find that our community is best served by a local, responsive Council that knows the different needs of local areas and can deliver reliable services,” he said.

“In four separate community surveys, our local residents and ratepayers have sent a clear message that they want the City of Botany Bay to remain independent. They don’t want to be just a number on a map.

”Boundaries are one part of local government reform and there are other challenging, structural issues that the State Government has so far avoided tackling.

“While the Boundaries Commission will introduce much need transparency, it should not be seen as a solution to all of the structural challenges facing local government around NSW.”

Councillor Kondilios urged residents of the City of Botany Bay to ensure their voices were heard during this process.