Carolyn McMahon

Published on 24 June 2015

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Mayoral Minute

Tonight I pay tribute to someone who has dedicated years in service to the whole community but more importantly to the vulnerable people in our community. So often I use Mayoral Minutes to address issues of concern in our community or state or federal government policies which might adversely affect our City. While these matters are important it is nice to have the opportunity to use a Mayoral Minute to simply express gratitude for someone in our community who has dedicated years in service of others.

Too often our volunteers might feel that their work goes unnoticed. I want to insist that this isn’t the case. Tonight we pay tribute to one exceptional local volunteer but I also want to pay tribute to all local volunteers.

I have often spoken about the value of volunteering to our community. In the last census nearly 7,000 residents reported volunteering in the City of Botany Bay. In recent months we have been reminded of the tireless work of the State Emergency Services in keeping us safe.  I am pleased then to be able to express our gratitude to Carolyn McMahon for more than thirty years of service as a volunteer in our City.

Ms McMahon has served our community in a variety of ways, including:

  • 21 years in the Army Reserve where she reached the rank of Warrant Officer;
  • 10 years in the SES at Botany and later at Randwick;
  • More than 30 years as Volunteer and member of the St Vincent de Paul society including work at the St James Nursing Home and the Southern  Cross Villa at Daceyville.
  • Serving on the organising committee to establish the Aged Care Hostel at Daceyville
  • Serving in the RSL Corps for ANZAC Day Memorials and on other special occasions.

In gratitude for her longstanding service and to acknowledge all she has done for her City, I propose that Council hold a Civic Dinner this evening to thank Carolyn McMahon for her outstanding contribution to our community. 

I move this minute be adopted.