Bunnings Decision Deferred by JRPP

Published on 20 August 2014

The Mayor of Botany Bay Mr Ben Keneally has welcomed the resolution of the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) that the determination on the proposed Bunnings Development in Hillsdale be deferred.

Last week, the JRPP resolved to defer the determination of the application until the completion of the Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA). 

“This is the right thing for JRPP to do.  As a JRPP member I found it impossible to rely only on the findings of a draft report, despite the urgings of the Department of Planning.  JRPP members need to make a decision with the final report in front of us, not merely a draft”, said Mr Keneally.

“Once the draft final report is completed it will be released to the Council for consultation with the community, before being finalised.  I encourage all interested residents to review the final report and make any submissions they feel are warranted.

The JRPP also determined that aside from the QRA there were no other issues that could prevent the approval of the development. The acoustic experts’ advice was emphatic that the noise impact would not be sufficient for the JRPP to justify refusing the application.

Mr Keneally said “while the noise impact is insufficient to justify refusal, there will be an impact on neighbours from noise.  I was able to win support from the JRPP for specific inclusions in any Condition of Consent to further ameliorate the noise impact. In particular, JRPP Members agreed to a requirement that the acoustic roofing over the loading dock be continued along the entire acoustic wall.  This will completely enclose the loading dock and access ramp along the eastern boundary, significantly reducing the sound impact on residents.

“Other conditions agreed to by the JRPP include limiting the number of trucks per hour and to ensure not goods are stored externally on the on the northern side of the building. 

“These extra conditions will assist in improving the acoustic and visual amenity for nearby neighbours, if the Development Application is approved”, said Mr Keneally.