Botany Bay 2040 Directions Paper

Published on 24 June 2015

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Mayoral Minute

I am delighted that the Vision 2040 Directions Paper A Draft Vision for the City of Botany Bay will soon be available. We had originally intended to release the Draft Vision in May however extra time was taken to ensure we get the vision right. The Draft Vision represents the penultimate chapter in our odyssean Botany Bay 2040 Process. Council has engaged in extensive consultation to ensure that the Vision will be owned by the community.

The Directions Paper outlines six themes:

  1. Housing for a Diverse Community
  2. Connected not Congested
  3. Staying Active
  4. Great Local Streets
  5. High Value Jobs
  6. Everyone Belongs

There are also 25 priorities which relate to everything from public transport, local infrastructure, social services, local industry, parks and gardens and residential precincts.

The highlight of the Vision is our proposal to open the Botany Wetlands and restore community access to this world class, NSW heritage listed location. All of our residents and visitors to our great City should be able to enjoy the Botany Wetlands. I want residents to be able to stroll, cycle or kayak through the wetlands, perhaps have a picnic by the lake side and enjoy this important resource. Our residents deserve access to green space and this is an incredible opportunity for us all to enjoy and use of this unique location as a regional park.

Now that the Directions Paper has been finalised the next step will be to ask our community to review the document and comment upon it. An online survey will be available to allow feedback.

I move this minute be adopted.