Announcement of New Airport at Badgerys Creek

Published on 23 April 2014

As Mayor of the City of Botany Bay and President of the Australian Mayoral Aviation Council, I ask Councillors to join me in welcoming the recent announcement that an airport will be built at Badgery’s Creek.  This decision to build Badgery’s Creek is a welcome relief after years of uncertainty.

While Sydney has benefited from having an airport so close to the CBD, our residents have borne a disproportionate share of the costs of living close to Sydney’s only major airport.  We have had to fight hard on behalf of our residents to get issues such as noise, parking and traffic congestion dealt with. And while we have had victories – with the appointment of the aircraft noise ombudsman and access to much better information through Air Services Australia – the fight continues.

This Council, and in particular the former Mayor, were at the forefront of the campaign to build a second airport and to block the development of the third runway. While Council lost the battle over the third runway, we have – along with our allies – won the long war for a second airport. We must be thankful that the Keating Government preserved the land at Badgery’s Creek back in the early 90s. While our hopes for progress were brought low by the Howard government’s decision in 1996, and further crushed by Federal Labor’s shameful abandonment of the policy, we never gave up hope.

Make no mistake, the second airport is the most critical step in protecting our residents from an increased burden on their amenity. For the announcement locks in the sustainability of the curfew and the Long Term Operating Plan which are essential features of an airport that is on the doorstep of residential areas.

In supporting this announcement we also acknowledge that airports play a critical role in supporting economic growth and prosperity, jobs and quality long-term infrastructure. While we know the costs of living beside an airport, we also know the benefits.

Sydney’s future as a liveable city depends on better access to jobs and infrastructure in Western Sydney. A new well-planned airport, built well away from existing residential areas offers all the benefits of proximity to a major airport while substantially mitigating the costs.

It is important to note that there are still voices being raised in opposition to this plan. The airport has been derailed once before, we must not let that happen again. We must remain bipartisan in our political support for Badgery’s Creek.  Badgery’s must be built.

I move this minute be adopted.