Energy Conservation

Initiatives that save energy provide environmental benefits and cost savings. Many of the ways you can reduce the output of greenhouse gases will actually save you money while you save energy. So what can you do to help?
  • Reduce your energy bill by using compact fluorescent lights, appliances with a high energy efficient star rating, and by insulating your home.
  • Use renewable energy instead of coal-based energy. Contact you electricity provider today to ask for Green Power.
  • Reduce the amount of products that you use in general, such as paper, washing detergent, and packaging. This saves on energy used to produce these items.
  • Get rid of your old second fridge, they can consume up to three times the energy of a new fridge. If your fridge or upright freezer is in regular use, and larger than 200l, Fridge Buyback can collect it. You may be eligible for a $15 rebate too.

Doing simple things like upgrading lighting fixtures or installing timers can provide energy efficiency and therefore lower electricity use and costs. Going a step further and looking at renewable energy, such as solar panels, can have significant benefits to the environment and your bills. Although installing solar panels is a slightly more expensive exercise, they will pay for themselves over time in electricity bill savings. The return on investment is about six to eight years in most cases. By installing solar panels, premises can generate their own clean energy, vastly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Botany Bay City Council has implemented a number of environmental initiatives to help save energy, including solar panels at a number of our facilities. Council is able to monitor how much electricity these panels generate in real time to see the effect that they have had on our consumption of electricity from the grid. We also use Planet Footprint to monitor its electricity and water usage across all of our assets.