Composting & Worm Farms



Composting is the natural process of recycling organic material such as leaves, garden waste and vegetable scraps into a nutrient rich soil.

Leaves and vegetative matter that pile up in nature are broken down by a myriad of invertebrates, microorganisms, bacteria and fungi and the resulting nutrients are returned to the soil. Composting can be done in many ways. You can purchase bins or tumblers or create your own holding bay or compost heap.

Worm Farming

A worm farm is simply a container used to house worms that can recycle fruit and vegetable scraps, turning them into a rich natural fertiliser. Worms are nature’s great recyclers and everyone can take advantage of their wonderful recycling skills by using a worm farm.

You can buy your worm farm or make one from recycled materials. You don’t need a large area and given the right conditions it will look after itself – just add food.

Benefits To You

Composting and worm farming are easy and have many benefits for you including:

  • Improving your soil to grow healthier plants.
  • Reducing the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides
  • Reducing the need for watering your garden as compost has wonderful natural water holding qualities.
  • Encouraging helpful garden bugs and microorganisms into your garden.

Benefits To The Environment

Composting and worm farming benefit the environment by:

  • Reducing garbage that would otherwise go to landfill, which reduces methane gases (one of the most harmful greenhouse gases). It also reduces leachate from landfills contaminating surrounding areas.
  • Helping improve soil structure and nutrient availability to plants, which supports strong plant growth.
  • Improves soil porosity, which improves water- holding capacity resulting in reduced dependency on watering.
  • Inhibits incidence of plant diseases.

Want to make your own compost bin or worm farm?

You can make your own worm farm or compost bin. Download our worm farming (link to worm farming fact sheet) or composting (link to composting fact sheet) fact sheets to get some great ideas. Check out Sustainable Botany Bay for tips on setting up and maintaining a worm farm or compost bin.

Or check out the discounts on a new compost bin or worm farm as part of the Compost Revolution.