Water Conservation at Council

Water is one of our most precious resources. Botany Bay City Council is taking practical steps to collect and conserve our precious water supplies across our City.  

Rainwater Tanks

Councils utilises rainwater throughout its operations and has rainwater tanks at: 

  • Mascot Administration Centre
  • Dorothy Elphick Mascot Childcare Centre
  • Vera Lever Hillsdale Childcare Centre
  • Hensley Athletic Field
  • Botany Aquatic Centre
  • Botany Depot
  • Mascot Depot

Water Efficient Fixtures

Water efficient fixtures have been installed at our Childcare Centres, Botany Aquatic Centre, Depot Facilities and the Administration Centre. This includes the progressive upgrade to 4 star rated toilets with a water efficient dual flush, which use less than four and a half litres per flush, compared to the previous single flush toilets that used 11 litres each time the button was pressed. 

Water Use Monitoring

Council monitors energy and water use at all of our facilities to ensure that we prioritise upcoming upgrades at the highest water use sites. 

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Botany Bay City Council has embraced the Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), from the way we assess our planning applications to the way we plant our street trees. Water Sensitive Urban Design is an approach to urban planning and design that integrates the management of the total water cycle into the urban development process. WSUD encompasses all water resources including stormwater, rainwater, drinking water, ground water and waste water Incorporating WSUD measures help mitigate the impacts of climate change and urban development.