Sustainable Purchasing at Council

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The Botany Bay City Council has adopted a Sustainable Procurement Program designed to encourage the purchase of products or services of a high quality at the most reasonable cost, while also lowering the impact on the environment and human health.

When the Council makes a decision to purchase goods or services, we consider: 

  • Cost
  • Pollution Generated
  • Life Cycle Considerations
  • Water Consumption
  • Climate Impacts
  • Social Impact and Habitat Destruction

Even the smallest items count… think about the benefits of buying pens made from recycled plastic rather than new plastic.  

Green procurement initiatives have the potential to deliver significant market shifts towards sustainable consumption in Australia. This is a trend that we are starting to see in Australia. 

If you are interested in making a change to the way you purchase products and services, you can get more information at Good Environmental Choice Australia or Ecospecifier Global.