Energy Conservation at Council

Solar Panels at Administration
Botany Bay City Council is investing in energy conservation and switching to renewable energy to make sure that we are sustainable.  

Energy Conservation at the Mascot Administration Centre

We have installed Solar Panels on the roof of the Council Administration and Coronation Hall Buildings in Mascot. Combined, they  produce more than 20,000 kilowatt hours of energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 45 tonne. That is enough energy to power 10 households for a year.  

We have retrofitted the lights in the Mascot Administration Centre, replacing over 200 twin fluorescent light fittings with efficient single quad-phosphor lamps and a high performance reflector. Twenty 50W halogen lamps have also been replaced with more efficient 30W down lights.

Solar Panels at the Vera Lever Hillsdale Childcare Centre

We have also installed Solar Panels at the Vera Lever Hillsdale Childcare Centre, which generates power for the Centre. Any excess electricity generated is fed back into the grid and credited to the centre. 

Energy Efficient Lighting at the Botany Aquatic Centre

We have also updated the lighting at the Botany Aquatic centre to reduce CO2 emissions and energy costs. Entrance and lights within the grounds have been set up on daylight sensors, so they turn off automatically once it gets light and change room lights have been set up with motion detectors. 

Solar Lighting in our Parks

Council has installed Solar powered fluorescent lighting at parks around the City to improve community security and surveillance without increasing CO2 emissions or energy costs. 

Energy Use Monitoring

We monitor energy and water use at all of our facilities to ensure that we prioritise upcoming upgrades at the highest water use sites.