Street Tree Master Plan

Street Trees
The Botany Bay City Council provides a population of healthy street trees that beautify and define our urban environment and are an important legacy for future generations.

Trees planted today will mature gracefully and provide a long lasting legacy for future generations and make the City of Botany Bay a memorable and beautiful place. 

Trees are one of the City of Botany Bay’s most important natural assets. Trees are a vital part of our urban environment. They provide a substantial contribution to the “sense of place” and character of an area. They can also have historical significance and provide numerous environmental and psychological benefits to visitors and residents.

The Street Tree Master Plan sets out a long term plan to transform our streets and our ity.  It recognises the collective ecological, environmental, economic, cultural and social contributions of the City of Botany Bay’s street trees. The Plan is a comprehensive document that outlines the proposed street tree planting principles and practices and identifies the proposed future street tree species to be used across the City.  

The Street Tree Master Plan is a guide to aid in the management, maintenance and future planting of street trees across the entire City by providing a sustainable and strategic framework. It will contribute to the public and private urban forest, for the benefit of all, through appropriate street tree planning, maintenance and reinforcement of the Council’s ongoing commitment to the protection and planting of trees.

Trees are living organisms and a long term investment. They can take decades to mature and then live for many more decades. Most of the benefits of trees are exponentially increased, the larger the tree is. It is therefore important to try and establish appropriate tree for streets within the reasonable limits of the surrounding infrastructure.

Council will seldom remove a healthy street tree. The changes in the Street Tree Master Plan will be implemented over an extended time, as trees need replacing or when opportunity exists to plant a new tree in an otherwise vacant area. Existing street trees will normally be left to grow for their safe useful life and will only be removed once they become an unacceptable hazard or are clearly failing to provide worthwhile streetscape amenity. 

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